A better way to do workplace and campus investigations.

Through our network of investigators, project management technology, and focused business model, Aequitask provides defensible campus and workplace investigations on-time and on-budget.


Aequitask’s customer service approach treats everyone involved with thoughtfulness and respect. Our network of vetted independent investigators assures objectivity. Our project management tools, checklists, templates, rubrics, and scripts assure thorough, consistent, and high quality results every time.


Aequitask’s careful scoping, efficient process, and clear deadlines assure that our investigations are typically concluded within a few days to a few weeks. We deliver trustworthy, actionable results quickly, empowering our clients to make timely business decisions.


The Aequitask business model takes full advantage of today’s efficient workflow, productivity, data security, and web-conferencing technologies. Our investigator network leverages downtime to create unique value for all concerned. We deliver investigation reports on time, on budget, and at flat rates that many of our clients prefer.

The Aequitask Solution


We work with in-house counsel to avoid “scope creep” by setting expectations up front, including the fixed fee or subscription pricing plan that fits the budget.

Outside Counsel

We deliver investigations that outside counsel will be pleased to defend, final reports perfectly aligned with the relevant standards, and subpoena-ready records.


Aequitask gives investigators the freedom to choose short-term assignments that leverage their unique personal strengths and fit their lifestyles.


  • Providing value to institutional leaders

    “Getting this done in a few weeks was so valuable.”
    “We couldn’t afford a long investigation, because we had dysfunction at the top of our organization.”
    “Very readable report. I felt like I was in the room when these things happened.” “So glad HR got expert outside help.”
    “The path forward became so clear.”
    “Presentation of report and corrective actions to the Board went well. Many have commented on the thoroughness of the Report.”

  • Meeting the demands of General Counsel

    “Very well done. Thorough.”
    “Very pleased.”
    “Very happy.”
    “We wouldn’t change a thing.”
    "Your report was comprehensive, well-written, and clearly and objectively laid out issues…. Very satisfied with the process and the product.”
    “Glad to provide a glowing reference for your work for us.”

  • Complementing the work of outside counsel

    “Fantastic report.”
    “I’ve been burned by outside investigations, but this one was great.” “Outstanding.”
    “Everything I could ask for.”
    “Really helpful and detailed report.”

  • Ensuring fairness for all parties

    “You restored my faith in mankind.”
    “Thanks for talking me down from the ledge.”
    “Every step of the way, you explained this to me.”
    “I feel like I’ve been heard.”
    “You’re the first person who hasn’t been biased against me.”
    “Incredibly impressed by your thoroughness.”
    “Both parties accepted the conclusions in the report, in full.”

  • Outside counsel

    "Fantastic job! Fair, well-reasoned, well written, food for thought throughout.
    Couldn't be more pleased."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Under federal and state law, all employees are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace, free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and other protected categories. Employers having credible and effective procedures in place to evaluate and address such problems not only protect their employees, but they also protect themselves in court. Employers may also need to look into management problems, fraud, and other issues affecting their business. A workplace investigation examines all of these kinds of allegations by reviewing documents, talking to witnesses, and reporting findings that the employer can use to determine whether any corrective action is required.

  • Under federal Law – including Title VI, Title VII, Tile IX, the Violence Against Women Act, the Clery Act, government contracting and sponsored research laws, and environmental safety and health laws and regulations – colleges, universities, and K-12 schools are required to provide an educational and working environment that is safe and free from discrimination, harassment, and misconduct. State laws also impose similar, often overlapping legal obligations. Educational institutions often turn to outside investigators like Aequitask to provide unbiased, professional and independent investigations of claims made by or against faculty, administrators, staff, or students.

  • This is perhaps the most common workplace compliance challenge today. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. It generally applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including federal, state, and local governments. Title VII also applies to private and public colleges, universities, and K-12 schools and districts. State laws also impose similar, often overlapping legal obligations. Companies, organizations, government agencies, and schools that have credible and effective procedures in place to identify and address conduct prohibited by Title VII — including thorough and unbiased investigations — have an “affirmative defense” to liability in court.

  • Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational program or activity that receives federal funding. Virtually all campuses and schools are covered, including public and private colleges, universities, professional schools, for-profit schools, and K-12 schools and districts. Title IX is not just about sports; the law is intended to proactively prevent sexual harassment, sexual violence, or any gender-based discrimination that may deny a person access to educational benefits and opportunities, even if the alleged perpetrator is another student. Title IX imposes multiple compliance requirements on covered institutions including the duty to conduct a prompt, impartial, and effective investigation. Given that many Title IX investigations involve students and minors, institutions manage risk most effectively by relying on experienced investigators trained in trauma-informed interviewing techniques.

  • No. We are an investor-funded Legal Tech and managed services company that relies on a network of lawyers and other professionals. Aequitask can conduct attorney-client privileged investigations at the direction and control of your in-house or outside counsel. But we don’t give legal advice. We firewall fact-finding from legal advice and business decisions, making your entire process more trustworthy and defensible.

  • A carefully scoped, focused investigation with a small team and a short deadline is well suited to a fixed fee, aligning incentives better than any other option. Our subscription pricing plans offer an even closer partnership, guaranteeing pre-paid investigations on a moment’s notice.

  • No. We focus on where we add the most value: investigating. We do, of course, help our clients develop appropriate internal litigation holds, gather relevant evidence, and retain best-in-class external e-discovery solutions as needed.

  • No. Our proprietary process and tools enhance the quality, speed, and defensibility of every investigation, but they are currently available only to Aequitask investigators.

  • Yes. Advance planning is key to a great investigation. Our comprehensive agreement defines roles, sets deadlines clearly outlines the scope of an investigation and contingencies.

  • No. The world of work is changing. Maintaining stables of talent is inefficient and costly. Aequitask’s independent contractor network is a smarter, more fluid labor market that matches supply and demand to create new value for everyone.

  • Yes. We build them meticulously as an investigation unfolds, in the cloud, and always with a view towards disclosure. Our records contain exactly what’s needed and nothing more, preventing future subpoena and compliance review headaches.

  • Absolutely. In addition to malpractice and liability insurance carried by each investigator and his or her firm, underwriters have developed a custom policy covering all Aequitask investigations nationwide.

  • We do much more than screen for potential client conflicts. Our proprietary process gathers additional details on each investigator’s prior work, publications, board memberships, advocacy, and other background information to avoid any potential personal biases that plaintiffs lawyers look for.

  • No. We’ve worked hard to cultivate these relationships, and they’re one of our core assets. We also maintain confidentiality to allow our investigators to decline any Aequitask opportunity, for any reason, without ever having to say “no” to a potential client.

  • Our detailed template reports provide an easy-to-follow chronological narrative. Aequitask’s proprietary investigation process mitigates risk at every turn, and our final reports show it. We always explain what we did and why. You’ll never ask, “why didn’t we interview so and so?”

  • Getting thorough and accurate feedback from everyone involved is the best way to manage risk today and tomorrow. An investigator who isn’t comfortable asking for feedback is one who hasn’t done a good job.

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