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The Better Investigator:
Two-Minute Tips for More Enlightened Inquiries

  • Why  Aequitask is building a better way to do corporate and campus investigations with a network of experienced investigators, a consistent process, predictable fees, short deadlines, 360° feedback, and reports that give clients exactly what they need. Now, we’re sharing our research and insights to help improve investigations everywhere. Nobody wants to be involved in an investigation, but everybody deserves a good one.
  • How Our two-minute tips identify common mistakes, misperceptions, biases, and process problems that plague internal and external investigations. Next, we rely on legal analysis, psychology, behavioral economics, original research, and years of experience to offer proven, practical solutions that you can use in any investigation, starting today.
  • Who  The Better Investigator is for anyone who investigates anything, including lawyers, HR professionals, law enforcement, journalists, and accountants.
  • Are You Wasting Time?

    Internal Investigation interviews usually launch with each investigator’s homebrewed instructions: a little spiel about the investigator, a basic description of the investigation process, an explanation of mutual confidentiality expectations, a brief discussion of the attorney-client privilege when it applies, a reminder of the witness’s duty to cooperate, a friendly warning about importance of telling the […]

  • Up Close and Personal?

    Investigators and clients often assume that in-person interviews are best. That’s been true for years, but times change. Teleconferencing is a powerful workplace and campus investigation tool that offers far more than a new way to save time and money. Teleconferencing puts people at ease by allowing them to interview on their terms –in their […]

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    The Eyes Have It?

    The stakes were sky high in a recent #MeToo sexual harassment investigation. The events at issue happened years ago. It was looking like “he said/she said” until corroborating records surfaced that undermined the respondent’s account. What did he do when confronted with the evidence? Exactly what experienced investigators expect when someone’s career (and marriage) may […]

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