Internal Investigations

Aequitask is relentlessly focused on providing fair, fast, thoughtful, and thorough workplace and campus investigations at a predictable cost.  We tap a network of unbiased, highly experienced lawyers, and our proprietary methodology matches the right person for the right job at the right time. The Aequitask investigation process is rigorous, transparent, and thoroughly documented every step of the way.

Decision Makers

Aequitask’s seasoned independent investigators and rigorous process assure that facts won’t get lost or diluted on the way up the organization chart. Aequitask’s objective, clear, and actionable final reports explain exactly what we did and why. Clients see our methodical risk management in action. We help clients make more trustworthy and defensible business decisions, faster.

In-House Counsel

We work with in-house counsel to avoid “scope creep” by setting expectations up front, including the fixed fee or subscription pricing plan that fits the budget. And there’s no risk of getting stuck with the “B team” for an external investigation. We match experienced investigators to our clients’ specific needs and always leave the final decision to the client. Next, Aequitask proactively mitigates dozens of specific risks and safeguards the attorney-client privilege, putting virtual trial exhibit stickers on every step of our process, from A to Z.

HR & Compliance Professionals

Few organizations give these folks the time, staffing, training, tools, and budgets they need to handle investigations superbly. And above all, everyone knows that divided loyalties come with the job. Outsourcing to Aequitask lets HR and compliance professionals focus on support and making sure that management decisions are more informed, objective, and timely. We move so fast that HR actually has less to manage: people don’t have time to drag their feet, gossip, create new evidence, or get caught up in potential retaliation problems.

Outside Counsel

The most important role of outside counsel is to provide their clients with mission-critical legal advice and litigation defense services, not serve as a witness to the merits of an underlying investigation. But it’s hard to refer a client’s investigation to another firm. Aequitask is not a law firm. We work with outside counsel to develop a smart investigation strategy, set short deadlines, and arrive at a reasonable fixed fee. We can conduct investigations under the attorney-client privilege, if needed. Aequitask firewalls legal advice and business decisions from the fact-finding process. We deliver investigations that outside counsel will be pleased to defend, final reports perfectly aligned with the relevant standards, and subpoena-ready records.

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